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Valium (generic: Diazepam)is a part of a group of drugs known as benzodiazepines. It is used in the treatment of muscle spasms, anxiety disorders and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It is also used to treat medical problems such as epileptic seizures.

Considering it could be addictive, it should only be taken by the person it is prescribed for and not shared with others who might be into drug abuse or any other form of addiction. Patients should inform their doctor if they are asthmatic, or have other breathing problems, or sleep apnea, glaucoma, renal or liver disease, alcohol or drug addiction, mental illness, suicidal thoughts, depression orseizures.

Dos and don’ts of taking Valium:


  • Take Buy Valium just as the doctor prescribed it for you. Do not increase the dosage on your own without consulting your doctor or for a longer period than recommended by him. Read and follow the directions for use on the prescription label.
  • Use a measuring spoon or cup to measure the dosage prescribed for you before taking it.
  • Do not extend the use of Valium—this is a short term medication, so do not go beyond four months without seeking your doctor’s advice.
  • If you are allergic to Valium, desist from taking it or even if you suffer from myasthenia gravis, breathing problems, liver disease, sleep apnea and narrow-angle glaucoma. If you are pregnant, do not take it as it could cause birth defects in the fetus. If he mother is a chronic user of Valium the baby may find it difficult to breathe and in feeding, have disturbed sleep, sweat profusely, have fever and be irritable.
  • Do not consume alcohol while taking Valium as this can heighten the alcohol’s effects.
  • Taking an overdose of Valium can be fatal, so be careful of how much you take.
  • Do not let Valium lie around, but store it in a safe place where others cannot reach it.
  • Do not give Valium to children under six months of age.


Side-effects of Valium:The commonly experienced side-effects of Valium are drowsiness, fatigue, mental confusion, lack of coordination, headaches, double vision, incontinence, nausea, slurred speech, tremors, changes in salivation, urination problems, vertigo and blurred vision.

Serious side-effects of Buy Valium include worsening depression, jaundice, low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, aggressive behavior, insomnia, hallucinations, etc. In adults, these side-effects may last longer. Seniors should take care of having falls accidentally and take care not to fall while taking Valium.

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