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Soma350mg (generic name: Carisoprodol) is a muscle relaxant that blocks pain between the brain and nerves in adults and relieves acute pain due to sprains, spasms and strains. This prescription medicine does not heal any injury to the muscle but decreases pain due to injury. For best results, it should be taken in combination with physiotherapy and rest. It should only be used in the short-term (about two or three weeks) since it has side-effects too, such as:

Side-effects of Soma:

  • Drowsiness: After taking Soma 350 mg, one should not drive or run any machinery as this drug relaxes the muscles and causes drowsiness. Patients should also not take any other sedatives along with this one as it increase the level of drowsiness in them.
  • Seizures, dizziness and weakness: Soma also causes side-effects of the nervous system such as dizziness, feeling faint and lightheaded. These effects can be heightened if one also takes alcohol. Inform your doctor of these symptoms and he can change your dosage or medication entirely.
  • Chest pain and irregular heartbeat: Patients can suffer cardiovascular problems like chest pain, irregular heartbeat or fast heartbeat. If you suffer from these symptoms, inform your doctor immediately.
  • Mouth ulcers, vomiting and black stools: Soma 350 mg can act on your digestive system in a way that gives you side-effects of mouth ulcers, black stools and vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, inform your doctor immediately.
  • Other side-effects: These include cough, chills, fever, difficulty in passing urine, distended pupils, problems with vision, mood fluctuations, rash, breathing difficulties, unusual bruising and bleeding and muscle spasms.

Dos and don’ts of taking Soma 350 mg:

  • Take Soma 350 mg in conjunction with therapy and adequate rest.
  • Let your doctor know about all other medication you are taking now, particularly if you have renal or liver problems, asthma, drugs or alcohol abuse, epilepsy, pregnant or a nursing mother.
  • Take it only in the short-term or else you will suffer the problems of dependency and drug withdrawal symptoms such as headache, stomach pain, seizures, nausea and lack of sleep.
  • Patients with a history of alcoholism or drug addiction should not take Soma.

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